Doctors Park- Stick and Stone Constellations

Create a constellation out of sticks and stones with this activity!.jpg

We’ve been studying space this past week and I had the perfect activity to go with the theme. I thought it would be fun to set up an invitation to create constellations with sticks and stones! I wanted flat stones so I knew exactly where to head for the supplies. We packed up and went to Doctors Park on Milwaukee’s Lakefront. The park was easy to find with a convenient parking lot that led right to a playground.

I was unsure of how to access the shoreline when we arrived, so we started walking past the playground in the direction of the lakefront. We ended up exploring near the top of the bluff as I looked for a safe way to get down to the beautiful shoreline that was now within view!

We eventually found the stairs near the North Multi-Purpose Field. The stairwell was wide and the boys were able to walk down with little help from me. We were all so excited when we finally made it down the stairs that we ran right to the beach! We spent about an hour and a half just hanging out, exploring the shoreline, and throwing rocks into the lake.

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We had a family adventure that led us to Doctors Park in Milwaukee where we looked for sticks and stones for our constellations..jpg

The boys searched for other treasures along the shoreline. We looked at all the beautiful stones and sorted some by color and size. We also found and examined shells and sea glass. Leo discovered pieces of driftwood and raised them high in the air like he was the king of the beach!

We had a family adventure that led us to Doctors Park in Milwaukee where we searched for sticks and stones for our constellations.

We searched for our constellation stones and had a difficult time choosing which ones to use for our activity because they were all so beautiful and unique! I showed the boys how to stack stones and they had so much fun trying it on their own. This is a great activity for practicing fine motor skills and it required a lot of focus for these wild little boys. That lasted for about ten minutes and it was back to the shore for more rock throwing!

We had a family adventure that led us to Doctors Park in Milwaukee where we looked for sticks and stones for our nature constellations.

Next we gathered sticks and the boys helped me put star stickers on our stones. Even Leo and his adorable little hands got in on the action!

Create constellations out of sticks and stones with this fun activity!

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve been talking about space all week so Sonny already had some background knowledge on the topic. We looked at a book about constellations for reference and talked about the constellations that appear in the winter sky. Then I gave Sonny the sticks and stones and let him create his own constellations! He played around with the supplies by making different shapes and naming his constellations. He had a lot of fun with this simple activity and made constellations for about a half an hour before it was time to leave.

Create a constellation out of sticks and stones with this fun activity!.jpg

We were nearing the end of our adventure, so we peeled the stickers off the stones headed back up the stairwell. The boys played for a bit on the playground before we left for home. At this point, they were pretty worn out and ready for naps. We had a great day!

I hope you and your little nature lover enjoy this activity!


2 thoughts on “Doctors Park- Stick and Stone Constellations

  1. I love this idea! I’m thinking my 2 year old is a bit young to understand constellations .. but hoping to be making some stone constellations with him in the future! 😉


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