Heart-Shaped Leaf Shamrocks

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to bring home a Shamrock plant for Sonny to investigate. He grabbed his magnifying glass and looked closely at the plant. I asked him what he noticed about the plant. He noticed that the leaves were green and there were a few little white flowers. We talked about how the plant has three little heart-shaped leaves attached to each stem.

Sonny and his Shamrock!

Then next day,  Sonny helped me punch 12 leaf hearts with our paper punch and cut the large stem of our leaf into four smaller pieces. We went outside for some fresh air and I let Sonny play with the materials. He had fun making different designs with the heart leaves and small stem pieces for about 10 minutes, then I challenged him to make a shamrock. I reminded him of our discussion yesterday about the three heart-shaped leaves and he immediately started making his shamrocks! This was a fun activity and we saved the heart-shaped leaves for more fun in future activities!

I hope you have fun trying this activity!