How to Make Nature Mandalas with Kids

A mandala is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "circle." Many people use mandalas in a spiritual practice, while others simply appreciate their artistic and symmetrical beauty. Making nature mandalas is calming and relaxing. It’s also great for nurturing your child’s creativity and problem solving skills. Read on to learn a simple way to teach your … Continue reading How to Make Nature Mandalas with Kids

6 Ways to Use an Earth Day Printable

Looking for fun ways to use an Earth Day printable? Here are 6 simple and creative ways to decorate the Earth this spring! Earth Day Playdough Mats With Earth Day right around the corner, we've been busy learning about all of the ways to keep our Earth beautiful. I decided to create these low prep Earth Day … Continue reading 6 Ways to Use an Earth Day Printable

Loose Parts Easter Eggs

If you're are looking for a fun and creative Easter egg activity, you've come to the right place! These loose parts Easter eggs will keep those little hands and BIG imaginations busy for a long time.  What are Loose Parts? First of all, let me share with you a little background information on loose parts. … Continue reading Loose Parts Easter Eggs