Insect Handcraft for Kids

Summer is in full swing and we have been observing insects everywhere we go! This morning we saw several insects on a log at the beach and this idea was born. With a few supplies, you can make this work of art that looks great in a garden or anywhere else in your yard that … Continue reading Insect Handcraft for Kids

Our Favorite Seasonal Nature Activity!

It can be difficult to think of new and fun ways to celebrate the changing seasons. Lucky for you, I've got a great idea! It's the perfect outdoor activity for summer, fall, winter, and spring! Celebrate the unique qualities of each season with this hands-on and engaging activity.  This post contains Affiliate links for your … Continue reading Our Favorite Seasonal Nature Activity!

How to Make Nature Mandalas with Kids

A mandala is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "circle." Many people use mandalas in a spiritual practice, while others simply appreciate their artistic and symmetrical beauty. Making nature mandalas is calming and relaxing. It’s also great for nurturing your child’s creativity and problem solving skills. Read on to learn a simple way to teach your … Continue reading How to Make Nature Mandalas with Kids

Nature Badge

Here is a simple outdoor activity to try the next time you go on a nature walk with your kids! Whether you are hiking on the trails or exploring your very own backyard, this activity is sure to keep your children exploring and searching for their next nature treasure to display on their badges. These … Continue reading Nature Badge

Beaded Sticks

Work on fine motor skills, color recognition, patterns, and so much more with this fun outdoor activity for kids! The set up is super simple and the activity is always a hit with my boys.  If you follow my nature inspired Instagram account you have seen variations of this activity here and here. This time … Continue reading Beaded Sticks

How we Used Story Stones on Earth Day

This Earth Day, head outdoors for a day of fun with your little ones. Just the simple act of getting outside, will give your children a greater appreciation for the environment. You can take a long walk in a forest or stay in your very own backyard. Don't forget to revisit your adventures with these … Continue reading How we Used Story Stones on Earth Day

A Simple and Beautiful Nature Craft to Try Today!

Try this simple and beautiful nature weaving craft the next time you go for a walk in your backyard. They are so fun to create and the results are gorgeous every time! I also share an alternative idea if you don't have access to a variety of collectable nature near you.  Spring is finally in … Continue reading A Simple and Beautiful Nature Craft to Try Today!